IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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Treatment process

Repeat attempt at fertilisation

IVF is not always successful on the first try. Or even on the second. This is a relatively common occurrence, so don’t lose hope. Our team of assisted reproduction specialists will advise you how to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy and they’ll be by your side throughout the treatment, until your pregnancy is confirmed.

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Cryo-embryo transfer

In cryo-embryo transfer (CET), embryos retrieved in previous IVF cycles and safely stored in a frozen state are transferred to the uterus. Thanks to CET, we can significantly reduce the cost of IVF treatment.

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How to proceed in case of a repeated attempt

It’s important to consult your doctor on what you should do next, or our coordinators will be happy to advise you. If your attempt is unsuccessful, you need to stop taking the prescribed medication and contact us during your next menstrual cycle to schedule another attempt. If you have undergone an unsuccessful attempt at another centre, we will help you arrange a transfer to our fertility clinic.

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True stories

E. K., United Kingdom

29. 09. 2022 - I so happy to inform you that yesterday our little boy was born.  Everything went well - he arrived with normal delivery.  Thank you for supporting this miracle and your kindness....

M. H., UK

25. 2. 2022 - hallo marija, my wife is pregnant she did a pregnancy test this morning we are very happy and we want to thank you Please tell the doctor that we thank him very much. You are the best ❤️...

Family R., U.K.

21. 10. 2021 - Good morning Marija, Yesterday we gave berth two beautiful girls. We are so happy 🤩 and we thank you 🥰 for your efforts and  all that you did.  Please give the congratulations to the doctor and the stuff of the clinic and many...

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