IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic

About Europe IVF

The most important thing for us is professionalism and a human approach to all couples trying to have a baby.

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We have a consistently high success rate

EUROPE IVF International is a fertility clinic founded by Dr. Kult in 2010 with the intention of building a private clinic to provide comprehensive infertility treatment. In the beginning, our doctors largely focused on foreign couples from United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Serbia, but also Australia and the United States, who had been unsuccessful conceiving naturally. Excellent results in the field of IVF quickly ranked us among the leading European centres of assisted reproduction.

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Europe IVF

Virtual tour of the Europe IVF clinic

Take a tour of the brand new EUROPE IVF Assisted Reproduction Centre.


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Our laboratory

Operating theatre and recovery rooms


Experienced doctors

Each member of our team has many years of experience in the treatment of infertility at large centres of assisted reproduction, foreign clinics and congresses thus increasing our clients' chances of a successful pregnancy.


Modern technology

We are constantly striving to increase the quality of treatment and have introduced innovations that contribute to its success. We are expanding laboratory methods to provide complex analyses and examinations. We use the latest, finest needle for follicular puncture, in order to spare the ovaries thus reducing the potential risk of postoperative complications.

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