IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
Fertility center Europe IVF

Top IVF clinic in Prague

We provide comprehensive infertility treatment for couples from around the world. Our IVF specialists will guide you through the process and provide all necessary information.

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Why choose Europe IVF?

Individual approach

Despite our high level of expertise, we try to create a family atmosphere for our clients. We will be by your side every step of the way.

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High success rate

We have a proven track record, with an average success rate of 68%, which ranks us among the world's leading centres of assisted reproduction.

Successful treatment

State-of-the-art technology

We always keep track of the latest trends and procedures and invest in devices to help us increase the success of our IVF programme.

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No waiting

We want to help you solve things right now. As a rule, we contact potential clients by the following day and the whole process can start in just a few short weeks.

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Fertility clinic Europe IVF in Prague

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IVF clinic in Prague

Clinic EUROPE IVF was founded in 2010. Since then we have helped thousands of couples from all over the world to fulfill their dream of having children. In 2022, we moved to brand new premises, where we offer our clients maximum comfort and the best medical care. Our IVF clinic is located 10 minutes from Prague airport and is very accessible by car and public transport.


Experienced doctors

Each member of our team has many years of experience in the treatment of infertility at major centres of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic and abroad. Experienced professionals increase our clients' chances of a successful pregnancy.

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IVF in the Czech Republic

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For women up to 49 years of age

The age of the woman on the day of embryo transfer must not exceed 48 years + 364 days.

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Marriage is not necessary

Only heterosexual couples can undergo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic. Marriage is not a requirement.

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Anonymous egg and sperm donors

Treatment with donated eggs and sperm is possible in the Czech Republic. Donation is completely anonymous.

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Genetic testing of embryos

Czech law allows genetic testing of embryos, which increases the chance of having a healthy baby.