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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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Social freezing

Social freezing: Preserving fertility

For couples who want to postpone their pregnancy for later or need to preserve their cells for health reasons, we offer the opportunity to freeze their eggs and sperm for later.

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Freezing eggs

The quality of a woman's eggs decreases with age, as does the chance of getting pregnant. Therefore, for couples who want to have children, but the time is not right, we recommend freezing the woman's eggs for a more suitable time.

A woman is most fertile up to the age of 35, and this is also the best time to freeze her eggs.

We recommend freezing eggs for couples where the woman: section image

We recommend freezing eggs for couples where the woman:

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    Wants to postpone motherhood for various reasons

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    Is facing oncological treatment

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    Has to have her ovaries removed for health reasons

The process of freezing eggs

The process of retrieving and freezing eggs is preceded by a gynaecological examination, blood tests and hormonal preparation. The situation is different for each woman, which is why we approach each patient individually. We recommend that you first contact our coordinators, who will be happy to advise you and arrange a consultation, during which you will learn all the necessary information and plan the next step.

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Hormonal stimulation

With the help of hormonal stimulation, which each woman self-administers, a larger number of eggs mature in a single cycle.

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Scheduling retrieval

Within 2 weeks, specialists at our clinic will perform an ultrasound scan, so that we can schedule a date for egg retrieval.

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Egg retrieval

Eggs are retrieved transvaginally under short, general anaesthesia. You will be discharged from the clinic within a few hours.

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Freezing eggs

Eggs treated with cryoprotectants are frozen by vitrification. We will then store your frozen eggs for you until the time is right for a baby.

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Freezing sperm

We also offer couples from all over the world the opportunity to have their partner's sperm frozen. Sperm quality also decreases with age. The quality of healthy sperm can also be affected by the environment in which the man lives.

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The first step is a blood test to rule out infectious diseases.

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Sperm retrieval

Sperm is retrieved by masturbation in the sampling room at our clinic.

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Semen analysis (spermiogram)

The ejaculate then undergoes semen analysis, which determines the number, quality and motility of sperm.

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Freezing sperm

We then freeze and store good quality sperm, so that you can have your own children in the future.


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