IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
Meet our team

Our team

Our team has many years of experience. We’ll support you on the journey to fulfilling your dream of having a child.

MUDr. Štěpán Budka profile image

MUDr. Štěpán Budka

Chief doctor
MUDr. Jan Rapsa profile image

MUDr. Jan Rapsa

IVF Gynaecologist
MUDr. Darina Krutinová profile image

MUDr. Darina Krutinová

IVF Gynaecologist
MUDr. Jan Smrčina profile image

MUDr. Jan Smrčina

IVF Gynaecologist
MUDr. Natalya Savelyeva CSc. profile image

MUDr. Natalya Savelyeva CSc.

IVF Gynaecologist
MUDr. Milada Brandejská profile image

MUDr. Milada Brandejská

IVF Gynaecologist
MUDr. Irena Baťková profile image

MUDr. Irena Baťková

IVF Gynaecologist
Ing. Stanislava Pertoldová profile image

Ing. Stanislava Pertoldová

Head of IVF laboratory
Mgr. Lenka Říhová profile image

Mgr. Lenka Říhová

Ing. Nikola Strachová profile image

Ing. Nikola Strachová

Mgr. Marija Aleksič profile image

Mgr. Marija Aleksič

IVF Coordinator

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