IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic

Our team

Each member of our fertility center has many years of experience in infertility treatment from major assisted reproduction centers and foreign clinics and increases the chances of successful pregnancy for our clients.


Mgr. Marija Aleksič # Profile Image

Mgr. Marija Aleksič

Coordinator for English speaking clients

Ing. Lucie Krobová # Profile Image

Ing. Lucie Krobová

Team leader, Coordinator for German speaking clients
Denisa Blažková # Profile Image

Denisa Blažková

Coordinator for Czech speaking clients
Monika Žilková # Profile Image

Monika Žilková

Coordinator for German speaking clients
Jana De Fabrizio # Profile Image

Jana De Fabrizio

Coordinator for German speaking clients
Mgr. Gita Zenknerová # Profile Image

Mgr. Gita Zenknerová

Coordinator for German speaking clients
Sladana Vojinović # Profile Image

Sladana Vojinović

Coordinator for Serbian speaking clients
Petra Pelcová # Profile Image

Petra Pelcová

Coordinator for Italian speaking clients
Alexandra Read # Profile Image

Alexandra Read

Coordinator for Romanian speaking clients
Liubov Mandzyuk # Profile Image

Liubov Mandzyuk

Coordinator for Ukrainian speaking clients
Alina Shuvaeva # Profile Image

Alina Shuvaeva

Coordinator for Russian speaking clients


Lenka Krčálová # Profile Image

Lenka Krčálová

Manager of the clinic
Denitsa Koleva # Profile Image

Denitsa Koleva

Front Office
Vile Mladenova # Profile Image

Vile Mladenova

Front Office