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Ing. Vlastimil Weber

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Ing. Vlastimil Weber, a graduate in reproductive biotechnology, is an embryologist with many years of experience. After graduating from university, he headed to the field of reproductive biology, where he took the role of a leading embryologist at major Czech IVF clinics.

Over the years, he has led teams of embryologists and performed thousands of treatment cycles, standing at the birth of the country’s first child conceived using the innovative in vitro maturation method.

Currently, Vlastimil Weber focuses on improving the quality, efficiency and safety of work in the embryology laboratory.

Outside of his professional work, he is involved in activities for the benefit of the community. He is a member of ESHRE, ARE, SAR, CGPS, CLS and JEP and regularly participates in international and national conferences. In his spare time, he is involved as a member of the hunting club, the volunteer fire brigade and a mechanic in the fire brigade’s call-out unit.

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