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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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Reproductive immunology

The immune system plays a very important role in the processes establishing and maintaining pregnancy, and in up to 10% of cases it is the cause of fertility disorders. Thanks to reproductive immunology, we can perform tests and recommend treatment that will significantly increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

We perform reproductive immunology tests directly at our clinic. We have short waiting times.

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Reproductive immunology and infertility

  • In order to determine the correct treatment for an infertile couple, a test by a specialist in the field of reproductive immunology must be performed. 

  • Immune indicators are checked in both partners.

  • Repeated IVF failures often occur without the necessary immunological treatment.

For whom is a reproductive immunology test suitable?  section image

For whom is a reproductive immunology test suitable?

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    For couples who did not manage to get pregnant even after one year of regular unprotected intercourse after sterility was ruled out.

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    For couples who have underwent an unsuccessful IVF cycle.

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    For couples in which one partner was diagnosed with a disease related to an immune disorder, such as thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, endometriosis, etc.

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    For women after miscarriage.

Testing for women  - Section image

Testing for women

An immunology test consists in a blood test. For women, the range of issues can be broader, so the test always depends on the specific diagnosis (sterility, infertility, unsuccessful IVF cycles...).

During the consultation, the immunologist will discuss the test results with the patient in detail and recommend the best treatment. The goal of our comprehensive immunological test is to diagnose the cause of the imbalance in the body and restore it with targeted treatment.

Testing for men  - Section image

Testing for men

Blood and ejaculate are used in reproductive immunology testing for men. For the doctor, it is essential that any targeted influence on the body's immune reactions (e.g. immunointervention) is supported by the anamnesis, the clinical picture and the result of the test.

During the consultation, the doctor will review the results of the test with the patient and recommend a course of treatment.

An overlooked or untreated immune disorder can reduce the amount of sperm capable of fertilising an egg, or their motility.

Treatment options

Immunological causes of fertility disorders can be treated in several ways (corticosteroids, intralipids, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, immunoglobulins,...). The exact method of treatment will be determined by the doctor based on the test results.


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