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Endometriosis does not mean the end of your dream to have a baby

Endometriosis has been considered a "silent" disease for many years. It is hidden, but the symptoms can later have a significant impact on your life. Women in their most fertile age can suffer from these symptoms that not only cause intense pain, but also make their path to motherhood more difficult.

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IVF failure. What to do next?

For those who have never experienced an IVF failure, it is impossible to describe what emotions and pain accompany this moment. Although the rate of successful IVFs is increasing year after year, even in reproductive medicine we cannot avoid the moments when the IVF cycle fails. What could be the cause of failure and how do you increase your chances of success?

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How does embryo transfer work?

The introduction of embryos into the uterine cavity gives not only high hopes, but also brings a number of questions. No wonder - embryo transfer is the finish line of artificial insemination, and if everything goes as planned, you will soon be much closer to your dream. What do you need to know about embryo transfer and what to expect?

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COVID-19: Visiting the Czech Republic without complications

Those who have decided for fertility treatment in the Czech Republic can now travel with almost no complications - the number of infected in the Czech Republic is dropping each day, which is why the earlier anti-pandemic government regulations are being eased. What should you know before you come here?

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Are you visiting our clinic from a foreign country? Here is some important information

Although the Czech Republic is facing a difficult epidemiological situation, the strict government measures have not affected reproductive medicine very much. For those coming to our clinic from a foreign country, here is an overview of the most important current rules that must be followed.

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COVID and our clinic: We are operating without any restrictions

The time in which SARS-Cov-2 has an impact on our private lives and the course of events in society is far from over. The field of reproductive medicine is also facing questions which you too may be asking in light of the new situation. We have answers for you and some good news: we are operating without any restrictions and making sure your dreams can come true, even during these unfortunate times. In complete safety.

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We have a consistently high success rate of 68% on average

Our doctors and embryologists have many years of experience at major centres of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic and abroad. At the same time, we use state-of-the-art technologies and procedures that help us provide clients with the best possible treatment.

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EmbryoScopes with a mixed atmosphere

For an even greater chance of successful fertilisation, we decided to start using a mixed atmosphere in our EmbryoScopes to more closely approximate the environment in a woman's uterus.

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We have reinstated the need to wear masks at the clinic

On Monday, 27 July, we reinstated the strict rule that everyone inside the Europe IVF clinic must wear a mask. This change follows the implementation of measures issued by the Public Health Authority in Prague, according to which it is now compulsory to wear masks in the waiting rooms of medical facilities.

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What are the most common causes of infertility in men and options for treatment?

The issue of male infertility is often overlooked because the attention of most couples focuses on female infertility, which receives more coverage in the media Paradoxically, both partners contribute to problems conceiving almost equally. At the same time, male fertility can be tested more easily than female fertility and in many cases can be treated effectively.

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