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LABORATORY METHODS Visualisation of the mitotic spindle hero-image Visualisation of the mitotic spindle hero-image

Visualisation of the mitotic spindle

This method allows the right timing of fertilisation of the egg and accurate location of the mitotic spindle to avoid damage to it. This is a completely non-invasive method that is based on monitoring maturing eggs with polarized light microscopy.

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What is the mitotic spindle?

The mitotic spindle is a small structure inside the egg that is responsible for the correct distribution of genetic information during cell division. This is why it is essential for successful fertilisation.

Visualization of the mitotic spindle increases the success of fertilisation

With visualization of the mitotic spindle, we only begin ICSI and PICSI methods of fertilisation when the egg is completely ready. This increases the chance of fertilization and successful development of the embryo, while also reducing the risk of damage to the mitotic spindle due to micromanipulation.


The visualisation is performed using the Spindle Observation System from Nikon. This method maximizes the success of the IVF cycle in groups of patients in which a small number of eggs are obtained, or in which fertilisation failure or incorrect embryo development have occurred in the previous cycle.


The method can also be successfully used for social freezing.


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