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24.6.2022 · 1 min reading

What is Ovitrelle used for?

Ovitrelle is a medicinal product used in women who have received treatment to stimulate their ovaries. It triggers the final maturation of follicles and subsequent luteinization.

How is Ovitrelle administered?

Ovitrelle is administered in the evening by injection under the skin in the lower abdomen. The exact administration time and dosage of this medicine are given in the stimulation protocol that you received at our clinic. The application time must be strictly adhered to!

Before injecting it, wash your hands, prepare the syringe with the medicine and inject the medicine in the area around the navel. Clean the area with a disinfection swab after the injection, and choose a different spot for the next injection. Because Ovitrelle must be administered subcutaneously, we recommend pinching the skin on your abdomen to form a small ‘fold’, into which you will insert the needle at a 90-degree angle. Once the contents of the syringe have been emptied, discard the used syringe and use a new needle for the next injection.

How to store Ovitrelle

Ovitrelle must be protected against temperatures above 25 °C, as well as sunlight and freezing temperatures. It is best stored in the door of your refrigerator in its original package.

What are the side effects of Ovitrelle?

Ovitrelle is a very well-tolerated medicine, but you may experience some side effects – most commonly headaches, sensitivity or bruising at the injection site, abdominal or lower abdominal pain, fatigue and nausea.

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