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Laboratory methods Microfluidic sperm sorting chips hero-image Microfluidic sperm sorting chips hero-image
Laboratory methods

Microfluidic sperm sorting chips

Microfluidic Sperm Sorting is a laboratory method designed to separate healthy and motile sperm. The aim is to obtain sperm that are suitable for IVF or IUI. Sperm selection takes place naturally by active passage through a membrane.

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Treating male infertility

Male infertility is very common. The Microfluidic Sperm Sorting method is one way of addressing this issue. This method does not require the pre-treatment of sperm (washing and centrifugation). As a result, sperm are protected from damage and there is no risk of contamination. This increases the success of the IVF cycle.

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How does it work?

  • The Microfluidic Sperm Sorting chip has two chambers.

  • The first chamber has an inlet port for the sperm sample and a fluid channel, which is separated from the second chamber by a microporous membrane.

  • The dimensions of the channel and porosity of the membrane are designed to sort and collect the best quality sperm after incubation at 37 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.


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