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Increase your well-being during the fertility period

25.7.2023 · 6 min reading
Increase your well-being during the fertility period thumbnail

Practical tips from the webinar with our fertility coach Katharina Appia. 

Don’t forget about life during fertility treatment: Make sure that your life is not solely defined by the treatment. Enjoy other aspects of life as well and treat yourself to beautiful moments and experiences. 

You want to know more? Here is the summary of all topics discussed at the webinar: 

The conception period can be challenging, especially if you’ve already had a few IVF attempts.  

Here are 5 tips to improve your wellbeing:  

Be mindful of yourself and improve your well-being during the fertility period. If you have any questions, please contact your doctor. 

The decision about having a baby: The role of the partner  

The question of how to proceed with infertility treatment can lead to uncertainty and conflict with your partner. Here are some tips to help you manage the situation:  

Ultimately, the decision is individual and must be made by each couple for themselves. It is important that both your rational level and your emotions are taken into account. Talk to your partner and seek professional support if necessary to make an informed decision. 

Physical and mental energy during infertility treatment  

Recharging your batteries and taking breaks are important aspects of maintaining your well-being during fertility treatment. Listen to your body and find ways to restore your energy. 

Balancing and seeking alternative paths during infertility treatment. 

The question of what to do next after several unsuccessful attempts is understandably stressful. Here are some considerations that can help:  

During this challenging time, honesty, openness and creating a “safe space” is essential. 

Supporting the partner during fertility treatment  

The question of how to navigate this emotional and goal-oriented chaos as a partner is important. Here are some considerations:  

It is important to support your partner during infertility treatment and recognise that this can also be challenging for you as a partner. Be patient, empathetic and open to making decisions together, and use professional support when needed to facilitate dialogue. 

A recommendation from Katharina to end on a high note 

Train yourself to keep trusting, even when fears and negative thoughts arise. Trust that you are strong enough and have inner and outer resources to get through the childbearing period well, regardless of the outcome.  

Note: This blogpost does not offer medical or therapeutic advice. Arrange a consultation with our doctors here or coach to discuss your individual situation.  

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