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Are you visiting our clinic from a foreign country? Here is some important information

2.3.2021 · 1 min reading
Are you visiting our clinic from a foreign country? Here is some important information thumbnail

Although the Czech Republic is facing a difficult epidemiological situation, the strict government measures have not affected reproductive medicine very much. For those coming to our clinic from a foreign country, here is an overview of the most important current rules that must be followed.

You’re not alone, we’re here with you with no restrictions

As reproductive medicine specialists repeatedly point out that it is not advisable to postpone infertility treatment, we have observed protective measures from the start, ensuring maximum safety for all involved – staff, clients and genetic material. We therefore continue to provide our health care services with no restrictions even after March 1, 2021, and visiting doctors is not banned by government measures.

The government allows foreigners to travel for urgent medical care

If you are worried that the current situation has become another obstacle on your way to becoming a parent, then we have good news for you. The regulations of the Czech government allow foreigners and their necessary escort to travel to our country in order to receive planned medical care that can no longer be postponed from a medical point of view, including accommodation. Before the journey itself, however, it is necessary to obtain confirmation of the journey for medical care, which we will be happy to provide. Before you enter the Czech Republic, you will also need written confirmation from an accredited laboratory of a negative antigen or RT-PCR test; the antigen test must be taken no more than 24 hours before your journey, and the RT-PCR test no more than 72 hours before. We would also like to remind you of the obligation to wear a FFP2/KN95 respirator, which is required in all health care facilities in the Czech Republic as of March 1, 2021.

We look forward to seeing you

Dear clients,

We are aware that planning a trip to our clinic, including the treatment itself, can be a bit of a hassle these days, but we assure you that our staff is ready to help you as much as they can (contact with coordinators, online consultations with a doctor free of charge) in order to accompany you on your journey to fulfill your big dream.

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

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