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COVID and our clinic: We are operating without any restrictions

18.2.2021 · 2 min reading
COVID and our clinic: We are operating without any restrictions thumbnail

The time in which SARS-Cov-2 has an impact on our private lives and the course of events in society is far from over. The field of reproductive medicine is also facing questions which you too may be asking in light of the new situation. We have answers for you and some good news: we are operating without any restrictions and making sure your dreams can come true, even during these unfortunate times. In complete safety.

A race against time when you cannot afford to postpone treatment

Postponement of treatment can have a negative impact on the insemination process, especially in the case of couples who are, so to speak, in a race against time. This is why we introduced protective measures right at the very start to ensure that you do not have to postpone treatment despite the “Covid era”. We ensure the utmost level of safety of our patients and staff at the clinic – we wear FFP2 respirators and face masks, our hands and the premises of the clinic are carefully disinfected several times a day, we measure our clients’ temperature at the entrance to the clinic and maintain safe distancing where possible – i.e. other than during actual procedures and examinations.

We also need a helping hand from you. And a face mask.

However, we cannot manage without your help. For this reason, we kindly ask that you have a face mask or respirator at the ready, that you disinfect your hands and that you visit the clinic alone if the procedure so allows. If you feel unwell or if you have been in contact with anybody in quarantine, please reschedule your appointment. On request, you can also take a PCR test at the client subject to a fee (result within 48 hours).

Entry into the Czech Republic

Entry into the Czech Republic is possible from anywhere in the world, but the measures which apply may differ according to the country which you are coming from. For this reason, we recommend that you follow the latest information provided by the Czech Ministry of Health when planning your travel. Specific up-to-date rules are available there concerning your arrival in the Czech Republic, including quarantine and other measures. The website also has a list of important contact details to help you if anything is unclear.

We also recommend that our clients from abroad take a PCR test. We can issue confirmation of travel for the purpose of receiving medical care for all clients to be shown at border crossings.

Is there any risk of infection of my genetic material in the laboratories?

Does this question keep you awake at night? If it does, then we have some reassuring information for you. The answer is: No. Current research indicates that it is very unlikely that the virus could infect eggs or sperm. There is therefore no risk of infection of your genetic material in the laboratories.

And what about COVID and pregnancy?

The second most common worry on the part of expectant mothers and the second bit of good news: No proof exists that SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy is linked to any increased risk of medical or obstetric problems.

Online consultation free of charge

If there is anything which you are unsure about, or if you have decided to not only overcome the obstacles of the “Covid era” together with us, but also those standing in the way of your dream of becoming a parent, then be certain not to forget about the possibility of free online consultation (via Skype/Viber/WhatsApp), during which we will familiarise you with all of the steps which we will be taking together over the coming weeks and months.   

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