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The different paths to family happiness

2.10.2023 · 3 min reading
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Today, every sixth couple struggles with an unfulfilled desire to have children. Dr Monika Perd'ochová, IVF doctor at Europe IVF, explains the reasons and possible solutions.

Our clinic is pleased to be working with Content Way on the “We are family” campaign. We are engaging with the theme of wanting a child, which for many is the first step towards family planning. With our article we want to help shed light on topics that are unclear or even completely unknown to many people.  

The entire campaign is German in origin, so if you are interested in reading in German, you can find the entire campaign here: .  The author if this article is Pia Rische.  

Thank you for your interest and support. 

The unfulfilled desire to have children can also pose great challenges for young couples. If a couple waits longer than a year for the longed-for child, the very first step should be to clarify the question of why. Many diseases often remain undiscovered for a long time. One of the most common reasons is endometriosis. Depending on the extent of such diseases, a treatment plan is drawn up so that the path to family happiness can be started with the help of suitable therapies.  

What are the reasons for infertility?  

In women, there are several factors. These include ovarian factors (e.g. anovulation, premature menopause), the tubal factor (blockage of the fallopian tubes), immunological factors (e.g. formation of antibodies against sperm), genetic causes (e.g. Turner syndrome or genetic defects). In addition, anatomical factors (e.g. developmental disorder of the uterus) can occur. In men, hormonal factors such as testosterone deficiency are possible. Inflammations of the testicles, malformations (e.g. undescended testicles), injuries to the testicles (testicular torsion), as well as physical and psychological stress are often possible. There are also idiopathic factors that lead to an unfulfilled desire to have children. In this case, both partners are healthy and still cannot have children. 

Why do couples consider IVF therapy?  

Most couples come to us when they do not know the cause of the unfulfilled desire to have children. First we do all the examinations and act according to the diagnosis.  

What examinations are done at the fertility clinic?  

First of all, there is a consultation. This is very important for the diagnosis, as basic factors such as a regular period and previous illnesses can be clarified. Then there are ultrasound examinations, urological examinations or blood tests. Hormone or thyroid levels can be checked. In addition, the man should also have a spermiogram.  

What are the options for artificial insemination?  

There are several options for in vitro fertilisation (IVF). A natural or stimulated cycle can be used and an egg can be fertilised with a sperm. This happens outside the womb. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) involves injecting a syringe, containing a sperm cell, directly into the egg. If pregnancy is not impossible for medical reasons, it is permitted in the Czech Republic, for example, to have a foreign egg or embryo inserted into the uterus in order to fulfil the desire to have a child.  

What advice do you give to women who are planning a family?  

The first thing to do is to talk to your gynaecologist, have your hormone levels tested (AMH test) and talk openly about your desire to have a child. Prevention is an important topic. The ideal reproductive age is 23-25 years and our eggs lose quality with age. A healthy diet and a good lifestyle can help improve fertility (especially in men). If you want to be sure, you can think about freezing your eggs. 

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