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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic

What are the causes of male infertility?

Male fertility is negatively affected by a number of factors. These particularly include smoking, use of marijuana, alcohol, increased temperature in the genital area (due to tight clothing, use of a laptop on your lap, etc.) or stress. We also distinguish between pre-testicular, testicular and post-testicular causes.

  • Pre-testicular causes – insufficient development of the male gonads (testicles)
  • Testicular causes – poor quality ejaculate containing little or no sperm
  • Post-testicular causes – impassable vas deferens, prostatitis
  • The basic test for male infertility is a semen analysis (spermiogram), which determines the quantity and quality of sperm. Based on the results of the semen analysis, further examinations and possible treatment of male infertility are planned.

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