IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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IVF in Prague, Czech Republic
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Donor programme

Infertility treatment with donated eggs and/or sperm gives couples who have not yet succeeded in having children with their own gametes a chance. Our clinic has its own donor programme, allowing us to start treatment immediately.

We use eggs and sperm from young donors, which significantly increases your chances of having a child. We always fertilise fresh eggs from donors.

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Donated eggs and sperm in the Czech Republic

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  • Egg and sperm donation is anonymous under Czech legislation. Recipients and children born in this way (even after they reach 18 years of age) cannot find out the identity of the donor and vice versa.
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Young donors

  • Egg donors are healthy women aged 20-32, and sperm donors are healthy men aged 18-40. We use fresh eggs for fertilisation.
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Thorough testing

  • All donors undergo thorough medical and genetic tests that reduce the likelihood of certain genetic abnormalities and rule out sexually transmitted diseases.
Donor programmeDonor programme success rate
Donor programme

Donor programme success rate

Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced doctors are responsible for our clinic's high success rate, ranking it among the world's leading assisted reproduction centres.


Our donor programme allows us to help 9 out of 10 couples, because we use eggs and sperm from young and healthy donors for fertilisation.

Donor programme

Choosing suitable donors

  • A suitable donor is chosen by the centre's doctor based on a questionnaire filled out by you. You will receive all information about the donor that does not violate his/her anonymity (age, appearance, interests, and even blood type).
  • The Czech Republic's favourable geographical location in the centre of Europe allows us to offer lighter northern types as well as darker southern types of donors.
  • Egg and sperm donors are compensated for costs associated with the donation.
We recommend using donated eggs if a woman has one or more of the following problems section image

We recommend using donated eggs if a woman has one or more of the following problems

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    Premature ovarian failure or no ovaries at all

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    Low number of eggs or low quality of eggs (e.g. due to advanced age)

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    Immunological factors

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    Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities

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    Previous chemotherapy

More about IVF with donated eggs
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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to select a suitable donor? What are the waiting times?

  • What mandatory examinations do donors undergo?

  • What is the usual age of donors?

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